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Sky Panorama Prints
by Axel Mellinger

Now Available!

    Hutech will be closed from March 23 - April 3 in order to travel to the upcoming solar eclipse. During this period, email communications will be available, but limited. Hutech will re-open on April 4th.    Thank you for your patience.


Orion Nebula complex, taken with a Borg 76ED @ f/4. This image is a stack of 19 exposures, each 8 minutes at ISO 200, plus 8 exposures of 20 seconds each at ISO 100. -- by Jim Windlinger (December 2004)

Click on the image to see a large view in the Hutech Image Gallery.

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by Mark Hanson (created with Canon 10D, 300D, and CP5000 digital cameras)

- Borg Astrographs
- Borg Complete Systems
- Borg Optical Tube Assemblies and Accessories
- Hutech Motorized Alt-Az Mount
- Kenko Single-Axis Tracking Mounts
- Canon Digital SLR Cameras
- Fuji Digital SLR Cameras
- Mitsuboshi Astro cameras and Accessories
-- Astrocameras, M57 Camera Interface System, Knife-edge Focusers, & Off-Axis Guiders
- Filters -- IDAS light pollution, tri-color, quad-color and photometric filters, and Kenko "H-alpha" filters.
- Visual Observing Accessories -- Binoculars, eyepieces, eyepiece turret, erecting prism.
- Guider Accessories -- XY-positioners and Off-axis guiders.
- Miscellaneous accessories -- Feather Touch Focuser, Pentax 67/6x7 Accessories, LED Flashlights, SCT Focuser Locks
- Sky Panorama Photographic Prints


The Pleiades & Comet Machholz -- Borg 77EDGF4,
Hutech modified (Type I) Canon Digital Rebel, ISO 800, 3 x 5 min.

Now available for your assimilation...
Borg Scopes

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